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Couples have piled up hurts, resentments and you may have lost trust with your partner in your current or past relationship(s) causing you to close down your heart.


This program is about learning how to open your heart again, so that you can get the love and life you desire.

Learning new loving skills and how to love and be loving ... so that you can be the person who is actively loving, not backing away from it.



If you were on the 5-Day Spice It Up Challenge, you will see the amount of information you received....and you will have access to me as well for questions each of the four weeks.

An inexpensive Gift To Yourself this Holiday Season so that you can learn new love skills and can celebrate in a more authentic way with those that you love.


This is my Gift To You Just For the Holiday Season C$149 per person


You will gain a new perspective

Tuesdays, Nov 26-Dec 17 @ 7 pm MST / 6pm PT / 9 EST

Why You Need This Program

Relationships can be frustrating and confusing. There are so many components that we aren't aware of that affect how we love...or perhaps even be open to loving someone new.

-Each of you has different personality perspectives, values, and what is important to you

-You've had different life experiences, survival techniques and coping skills to get you through, until now

-Unconscious limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns you inherited may be surfacing durning the holidays

-Triggers and unhealed issues from childhood and past relationships can keep you in a loop

-Personality Patterns that are sabotaging you and impacting ALL your relationships

In This 4 Week Program You Will Learn

Why you closed your heart down in the first place

-Claim the personality gifts YOU bring to any relationship

-Identify what is Loving you for Who You Are and What You Need to feel loved

-Become empowered by taking responsibilty and changing sabotaging patterns

đź’žOpening your heart to love again!

Until you learn your own Enneagram (any-a-gram) personality type, what YOU need to feel loved....and how to be a loving partner, you will continue to struggle

Just like investing in university, college or training in a profession so that you have more earning power....

You must you invest in changing old patterns to Getting Loved The Way You Need and Leading a Juicier Life.

Program based on scientific data.

This Program Will Be Delivered

-In 4 easy to follow online webinars

-My personal guidance through the 4 week process

-Live Q & A to answer online questions

I’m so excited to bring this whole project together for you, and to celebrate the launch I’ve also included some awesome bonuses that I just had to share!

BONUS - Resources

At the end of the program you are going to have a number of options for ways to move forward.

While in taking the program you will have a process to stay out of victim state it’s always nice to have things that can help you along the journey of success.

Learning and practicing is a lifelong endeavor – here I will provide several resources to help you out.

Here is a video about a woman whose heart was shut down with Resentment.


Here's a comment from Jessica S on her experience on the Last Day Date Night:

Date night... Friday night. After supper (and I'm seriously not exaggerating, I should have taken a picture of my shriveled feet) we spent 4+ hours in our hot tub in the back yard having a couple beers and talking non-stop! 

I spoke to him about some of the personalities and a bit about the Challenge. It was amazing!

Many tangents in the conversation, a lot of reminiscing, and a few intense moments of really sharing behaviours of the past, and talking about the "why's" behind them.

Seriously, he was SHOCKED about how engaged I was in our date night at home! So awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

This challenge was a great kick off to exploring new facets and digging into real underlying meaningful aspects to my relationship. I wish I had more than a couple days a week with my partner to work on this! HA! That won't stop us, and I can see this value of flexibility! 

Sooooo good!!!

Eileen Head has been called The Relationship Whisperer.

She is a Personality Pattern & Relationship Coach, Speaker, Best Selling Author, with many coaching programs for Singles and Couples to navigate relationship dynamics. 

Couples hire Eileen to interpret and translate their personality traits so that they can live a juicier life and Get Loved The Way They Need…because…at times…most couples feel trapped, powerless and unloved.

She helps them re-engage, re-connect, and rejuvenate their relationship…and take their love much deeper.

Singles hire Eileen to attract the love of their life and identify what heir relationship gifts are, avoid dating mistakes and become confident to Date Smarter.

The Bottom Line:  Until YOU understand your own personality, how you feel loved…and how to be a loving partner…you will continue to struggle instead of living a juicer, happier life!